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Why Tint Home Windows

While some homeowners think that applying tinted windows is unnecessary and costly, window tinting can offer many advantages to your residence. Along with just controlling the amount of light entering your home, here are some of the reasons why you should consider home window tinting.

  • Heat Reduction: 

Window tinting can reduce up to 85% of the heat coming from the sun, and reject 99% of ultraviolet light. This means you can feel more comfortable sitting down anywhere in your home without the annoying sun glare.

In addition to heat reduction, tinting your windows can protect your furniture, curtains, and even carpeting against sunlight which can tarnish them. It can also damage your furniture by speeding their aging process.

  • Create Privacy:

Whether you live in a quiet suburban home or in a busy area, tinting your windows will ensure that people won't be able to peer in and see you, especially if your home has a significant number of windows. 

  • Added Safety and Protection:

For situations that are unpredictable like natural disasters, it is good to have tinted windows in case the glass suddenly breaks due to an earthquake or a flood, as the tinting films are able to hold the glass together and keep it from shattering across the room. An additional measure of protection is keeping unwanted intruders at bay. The tinted windows will act as a shield where they will not be able to easily see the inside of your home. Moreover, safety film can be installed to hold the glass in place longer when an intruder is trying to break in. 

  • Easy Maintenance: 

Installing tinted windows can definitely help with maintaining clean windows all year around. For window tinting films are water resistant and scratch-proof, making cleaning your windows much easier. 

  • Skin and Health Protection:

Ultraviolet light does not only damage your furniture, but too much of it can affect your health. For it can cause skin, eye and immune system problems. UV rays are also seen as one of the risk factors and causes of cancer. With that being said, having tinted windows can offer protection from that for you and your family. 

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