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Automated Home Windows for Seniors

The CDC estimates that 2.5 million seniors are rushed to the hospital every year for injuries suffered from fall-related accidents. This is largely due to their limited mobility from aging while the homes they live in stay exactly the same - unaccommodating to their needs. Domestic spaces are very important elements to consider when it comes to seniors feeling comfortable in their own homes, which is why smarter and smarter technology is making its way into more American homes.

Technology today is helping seniors navigate their homes more easily and is allowing them to fulfill their daily domestic tasks independently without help from caregivers. Stair climbing, obtaining items from hard-to-reach areas, bathing and other daily routines are fortunately becoming remedied with the use of home automation. Among these solutions are the security and convenience-oriented motorized windows. 

The Advantages of Motorized Windows

  • Remote automation: Your window company will provide you with an app which allows you to use your smartphone/tablet as a remote control.
  • Connectivity: Using the app, you have access to an entire integrated system wherever you are. Control your curtains, lights, TV, and other home items with one set of controls.
  • Home security: The rolling shutters, in particular, provide a strong barrier to fend off intruders from breaking and entering. Giving burglars the impression that the home is occupied by operating the blinds and curtains wherever you are in the world can discourage them from breaking and entering.
  • Hazard-free functions: Seniors do not have to risk injuries by bending and strafing to work the pulleys of shutters, blinds, and curtains anymore.

The Features of Motorized Windows

Operable from your smartphone or tablet are the window components that would typically require manual work, regardless of a person's mobile capacities. These motorized window components include the following:

Rolling shutters are a nightmare to operate manually because they're so heavy, especially if their pulleys are suspended behind a couch or lamp.

  • Rolling shutters help you control the amount of sunlight allowed into your home.
  • Automatic rolling shutters open and close on command without delay.
  • They stop automatically if an object is in the way.
  • The motor is automatically stopped if frost begins to accumulate.
  • No back injuries can be caused by heavy pulling.
  • Existing shutters can be motorized.
  • Very effective in protecting your home from intruders.


Exterior screens reduce up to 90% of UV rays that could infiltrate your home, making it more comfortable.

  • Glare reduction.
  • Can save on energy by 25-40%.
  • The technology can be integrated with your home security system.
  • Motor components are hidden from plain view.


Blinds and shades can be made of wood, fabric, aluminum, leather, or vinyl to match your window frame.

  • Many choices of blind or shade materials with different insulating and decorative qualities.
  • A variety of styles that include horizontal blinds, woven shades, cellular shades, and sheer horizontal shades to match your home decor. 

Automated curtains open and close in an elegant and gentle motion.

  • Elegant, traditional, and classical styles to choose from.
  • Very discreet and quiet motor.
  • The gentle motion feature starts the motor and closes/opens in the direction of the pull.

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