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Home Window Costs

If you're planning on getting new construction windows or replacement windows for your home, you will need to consider their size, their quality, and their costs of installation. The more features and quality materials there are, the pricier your windows are going to be.

Different windows in the order of ascending costs

Delicate and detailed window designs, like bay and bow windows, usually cost 20%-25% more than regular windows.

Double-hung windows
Double-hung windows have two operable sashes and are virtually the most inexpensive choice, including their single-hung equivalent. Double-hung sashes glide vertically with some models having a tilt and turn feature. 

Tilt & turn windows
Are moderately more expensive than casement, single hung, and double-hung windows because of their tilt and turn feature. These windows are especially ideal for two-storey houses because they allow for safe and easy cleaning of the exterior glass with the help of a simple tilt and turn mechanism.

Double-glazed windows
The double-glazed glass is not exclusive to any one window style, but it adds to the cost because it significantly improves the insulation performance of a window. A triple-glazed glass addition will increase the cost accordingly for the same reason.

Specialty-glass windows
These are windows with glass built, tested, and tailored to resist impacts, noise, UV radiation, and outdoor temperatures. Windows with specialist glass are more expensive because it took time and a lot of rigorous testing to manufacture them.

Bay/bow windows
These are the most expensive to buy and install for a home because they are made up of a series of windows. Since they occupy a large space in the wall, they will often need steel beams for added support, which means more man hours and planning to be invested into the project.

Window frames in the order of ascending costs

The average repair cost of a home's window frame is $369. This means that in a home with ten windows, the repair costs can be more or less than $3690. The superior performance traits and appearances of wood frames make them more expensive than vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Aluminum is the most inexpensive frame out of the rest as a result of its high conductivity of heat that renders it a poor insulator.

Vinyl window frames, sometimes referred to as U-PVC frames, provide homeowners with excellent insulation, protection from UV radiation, and low-maintenance cleaning.

Composite shares the same excellent insulation properties as that of wood frames only it resists water and rot formation better. It is cheaper than wood because it does not have the same organically authentic appearance that many homeowners love.

Fiberglass frames are better insulators than wood with an ability to contract and expand at the same rate as the glass they hold. 

Clad-Wood frames comprise of a wood interior and an aluminum or vinyl exterior. These frames provide your home with excellent insulation, reduced energy bills, and a natural interior look. The exterior aluminum or vinyl make these windows long lasting by protecting the wood from rotting, swelling, or softening.

Wood is by far, the best insulator in the bunch which means that, as expensive as it is, it can pay for itself in the long run with reduced energy costs. Wood's earthy appearance and aesthetic make it a homeowner's favorite. 

In Descending Order of Cost

Window Material Price Range
Wood $335 - $515
Clad-Wood $240 - $365
Vinyl $175 - $265
Aluminum $195 - $298

Wake-up calls for window replacement

If your window frames are "spongy" to the touch that means that they're rotting and need replacement. After years of exposure to water and insects, wood can begin to lose some of its properties of insulation and strength beyond repair.

Other warning signs that it's time to replace your windows:

  • If drafts are infiltrating your home.
    Feeling wisps of air when all your windows are closed is a sign of either sealant failure, broken nail fin, or broken interlock between the sashes.  
  • If there is condensation inside your double or triple-glazed glass.
    Water droplets inside your glass mean that there is an internal air leak and your window will not insulate your home properly. Furthermore, water is bad news especially for wood frames as mold contamination can cause even more damage to the frame.
  • If your energy costs are gradually climbing.
    Climbing energy costs means that insulation in your home is not performing as it should and you will need to test your windows.

Testing your windows for leaks

  • Run your hand along the area between the frame and the wall, if you feel any moisture on a rainy day then your window has water leaks. 
  • Lightly knock on all the sides of your window frame, if it rattles that's a strong indication that it has air or water leaks.
  • Burning an incense stick and gliding it slowly around the frame is also a good way to catch any air leaking from your window if the smoke changes direction. 

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