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Window Installation Costs

Whether you're replacing older windows or installing them for a new construction, the costs associated are determined by a few factors discussed in this article. The costs of window installation are contingent on the window material, window type, number of windows, and the man hours it takes for them to be installed.

The number of windows

Most homeowners on average spend 3,000 to $5,000 to install new windows but the cost will vary depending on the number of windows to be installed. The more windows that need installation, the higher the total installation costs are going to be. In general, the average cost for installing less than five windows is $2,200, $5,000 for installing five to ten windows, and $14,500 for installing more than ten windows. You can get charged at a lower rate if you add more windows to the project.

Breaking down the costs of window frame materials

The costs of frame materials and labor, of course, vary from state to state but below you can find close estimates as to what you can expect from different contractors.

The costs of raw window frame materials according to the latest information from the Craftsman Estimator Costbook:

  • Wood: $0.75 - $1.25 / linear foot.
  • Aluminum: $1.50 - $2 / linear foot.
  • Vinyl: ~$2 / linear foot. 

As you can see, wood as a material is not at all expensive, what makes the finished window product expensive is the manufacturing process which involves more work, better handling and care of the delicate timber to produce a sturdy and durable window. The same can be said about the labor costs of installing wood windows - the labor worker needs to be more careful so as to not damage the window frame. The only windows that come close to wood's price range are wood clad windows, mainly because of the manufacturing process of "cladding" a wood window with an aluminum or vinyl finish for extra protection. The more expensive the window material is, the more expensive the installation costs will be. A casement wood window installation that costs $1,800 can be cut to a $1,000 if the window were made of vinyl (PVC).

Price Ranges of Installing Different Window Materials

Window Material Installation Alone for Replacement Windows (per unit) Total Cost of Purchase and Installation (per unit) Total Cost of Purchase and Installation for New Construction Windows (per unit)
 Wood $100 - $205 $435 - $730 $485 - $830
 Wood Clad $107 - $250 $345 - $610 $395 - $710
 Aluminum $100 - $205 $260 - $450 $310 - $550
 Vinyl $85 - $185 $295 - $515 $345 - $615

Installation of different window types

The window's type also plays a part in installation costs. Sliding windows, single-hung, double-hung, and picture windows don't have hinges and that makes them the easiest and most affordable to install. Adversely, casement windows require more time and work and that will be reflected in the cost of labor. Bay and bow window installations are the most involving for labor and the most expensive. This is largely due to the extra planning and work. Bay and bow windows require a large space and this often requires breaking the wall until the studs are exposed, siding repair, bay/bow window roofing with shingles (to match with your roof), refurbishing the window space for a perfect airtight fit.


The installation costs of window types in descending order:

  1. Bay/bow windows.
  2. Casement windows.
  3. Picture windows.
  4. Double-hung windows.
  5. Single-hung windows.

More window installation costs to consider

  • The thicker and more delicate the frame material, the more it will cost you. Particularly thick frame material can be well over $5 per foot. The building materials used to attach the windows to your home can cost $10 - $20 for each window installation.
  • Labor costs vary but they average around $70 per hour. Depending on the time it takes to remove an older window frame (down to the studs) and wall adjustments that need to be made for a perfect fit, each window can take one to two hours to install.
  • The costs of installing windows on the upper floors of your home can be around 25% more of the total cost. This is because upper floor installations require special equipment to carry the window frames down from the roof.
  • Keep in mind that installation costs for one window will be charged at a higher rate than installing seven to ten windows at a time. Take advantage.

Below are realistic estimates for replacing eight old windows with eight new ones, what additional charges are involved, and how man hours can make a difference in the total cost of the project.

Eight Window Installations for a Home

Item Cost of Unit Quantity Line Cost
Bay window, 92" W x 48" H. $1,800 1 $1,800
Picture window, 52" W x 48" H, with factory finished interior. $800 3 $2,600
Casement window, 52" W x 48" H. $600 3 $1,800
Sliding window, 52" W x 48" H. $250 1 $250
Double hung window, 52" W x 48" H. $300 2 $600
Service fees such as transporting and disposing. $50 1 $50
Material Cost $3,800 1 $7,100
Cost of Removal $30 per hour 10 $300
Cost of Replacement $40 10 $400
Total Cost $4,150 1 $7,800

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