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Eight Types of Home Windows

Awning window sashes hinge horizontally from the top and glide outwards from the bottom. They are alone ideal for basements, and rooms that use window combinations for the added ventilation. They are excellent controllers of insulation and protect the interior of your home from rainfall while they are opened. 

Casement windows are typically the go-to combination windows of choice for awning windows because their hinges are perpendicular to each other, offering more operability options for living rooms, dining rooms, etc. Casement sashes glide outwards from the side and can come in a series to allow for more natural light and air ventilation. 

Fixed windows are large in size with no operable sashes whose purpose is to allow as much natural light into the home as possible. They are ideal for rooms on high floors to provide protection while capturing a bird's eye view of downtown, the beach, and other aesthetically pleasing views.

Picture windows also have no operable sash and function like fixed windows only they are much smaller in size. They are used for light penetration but mostly for small-scale rooms like bathrooms or basements. Picture windows can also be used for larger rooms when they are installed as a series over the bed, or surrounding the dining room table for optimal light exposure.

Double-hung windows are easy to operate with two operable sashes that slide smoothly up and down for optimal air ventilation.

Single-hung windows have two sashes, one that's idle and one that's operable. This home addition is perfect for a counter top installation as they do not compromise working space, which is why the single and double-hung windows are a classic symbol of American homes. They are usually found above the kitchen sink because they give a wide range of view to the outside and a direct line of sight to the driveway and front yard. 

Tilt & turn windows typically feature casement, double-hung, and single-hung styles where the operable sash can be made to tilt inwards to expose the exterior glass and allow for effortless cleaning.

Sliding windows can have one, two, or even three operable sashes. They slide open horizontally using rollers along a track without taking any workspace.

Bay windows are made up of three windows; one in the center that's fixed with two windows called flankers, on either side of it create an overall alcove shape for more indoor space.

Bow windows can be made up of a series of four or five windows. Just like a bay, bow windows create more indoor space for window-and-seat combinations, a very wide range of view, and an increase in home resale value.

 Window Type \ Function Vertical Hinge Horizontal Hinge One Operable Sash Two Operable Sashes Several Operable Sashes Slides Open Swings Open Fixed

 Sliding Window

 Awning Window          
 Casement Window          
 Fixed Window              
 Picture Window              
 Single-Hung Window          
 Double-Hung Window            
 Tilt & Turn Window        
 Bay Window    
 Bow Window    


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