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Double-Glazed vs Triple-Glazed Windows

Double glazed and triple glazed windows both have benefits and drawbacks, but they both share the quality of energy-efficiency and differ in terms of cost, performance, and aesthetics. 

In this article:

  • Double glazed windows.
    • The benefits.
    • The drawbacks.
  • Triple glazed windows.
    • The benefits.
    • The drawbacks.
  • Overview table of double glazed vs triple glazed windows.

Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass with space in between filled with an inert gas such as argon or krypton. It is kept airtight to prevent condensation and improves insulation by up to double that of regular windows.


Lower energy costs: With improved insulation making your home cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter, you will be using less energy and decreasing your energy bills.

Little to no condensation: During cold winters, droplets of water freeze on the window surface and make the inside of the home colder. Double-glazed windows are built to keep the space between the glass panes air and watertight, preventing any water from forming inside and bringing down the performance level of the window.

Noise abatement: Double-glazed windows soundproof your home from the outside noise.

Protection for your furnishings: Artwork, furniture, carpets, accent pillows, and other home items are will be safer from sun and heat damage.

Security and safety: Intruders prefer to break and enter quietly. Two panes of glass breaking make it much more likely that they'll arouse suspiscioun.


Cannot be repaired: If the glass breaks or the airtight seal is compromised, there will be way around replacing the entire window. 

Cannot block sunlight: Multi-glazed windows block heat very well but they don't block sunlight. If you need sunlight protection you can use solar screens or tints.

Trapping of heat: Heat-trapping in the winter is essential for proper insulation but in the summer this can lead to a stuffy indoor atmosphere. Again, tints can be applied to the outside surface of the window to block most of the heat before it reaches the airtight seal.

More expensive: Double-glazed windows are 20%-45% more expensive than regular windows.

Doesn't go well with dated homes: Multi-glazed windows can be a mismatch with older homes because they have a modern look.

Triple-Glazed Windows

Triple-glazed glass can come in any window frame material but they are ideal for materials that are both lightweight and sturdy in order to withstand the added weight without being too heavy to install themselves.


Ideal for fiberglass window materials: Fiberglass is sturdy and flexible enough to accommodate the extra weight of three glass panes. Fiberglass is flexible and can thermally expand and contract just enough without compromising the airtight seal of triple glazed glass.

Significantly better insulation properties: Instead of one spacer, the triple-glazed window uses two with both chambers filled with an inert gas. The result is a 20-30% improvement when compared to a double-glazed window.

Better noise abatement: If you live in an area with a lot of downtown activity, a railway station, or an airport, triple-glazed windows help to keep the peace and quiet in your home. 


Heavier loads: Heavier windows take extra labor and man hours to install which will reflect on your installation costs.

Pricier: The higher quality window frames and the extra glass panes, compounded with the longer hours of installation, make triple-glazed windows much more expensive.

Not always applicable to any window material: Window companies brag about how their window frame material is able to withstand the extra weight while being lightweight itself, but no one company can say the same about all other materials. Some companies can offer reasonably priced triple-glazed wood windows, others can give you a bargain for a triple-glazed fiberglass window. Shop around and compare for yourself. 

Brief Overview of Double vs Triple-Glazed Windows

  Double Glazed Windows Triple Glazed Windows

Cheaper than triple-glazed windows

The most energy-saving window on the market

Can insulate better by half that of regular windows

Better insulation properties than double-glazed windows

Lighter than triple-glazed windows


Offers better security than double-glazed windows

More durable

Disadvantages More expensive than regular windows Companies often overcharge customers
Less durable Heavier and harder to install
Cannot be repaired Cannot be repaired

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