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The Benefits of Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens and films are a cost-effective alternative to replacement windows and can achieve very effective results in terms of the reduction of glare and solar heat gain. Whether you have large windows in your living room or an indoor pool surrounded by a dome-like series of windows, solar screens and films help in protecting you and your family from harmful UV radiation.

Solar window screens

Solar window screens are made from a mesh laced on the surface of the glass to lessen the effects of UV radiation.

The most noticable benefits of window screens include:

Very easy to install and remove.
So easy in fact that you can install it and uninstall it yourself. This eliminates the need to hire installers.

Heat reduction.
Up to 90% of the heat can be blocked from entering your home while reducing its indoor temperature by up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not all windows need to be covered which enables you to control the amount of natural light that's allowed to reach your plants.

Although they obscure the view, solar screens give you unparalleled privacy from the outside during the daytime. 

Protective ventilation.
These screens act like insect/fly screens without disrupting the flow of air.

Because they act like a blanket and trap indoor temperature, solar screens always keep the U-factor of your home at a comfortable level even during the winter.

Solar window films

The advantages of solar window films:

  • Provide privacy from the outside world without obstructing the view from the inside.
  • In the case of a hurricane impact, the film acts as a safety net and reduces the shatter radius of the glass.
  • One of the cheapest ways to reduce energy costs during those hot summer days.
  • Can reflect up to 80% of incoming solar heatwaves.
  • Protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

The types of solar window films

Dyed films.
Typically used for car windows, dyed films may tear over time but they provide thermal insulation, excellent heat reduction, glare reduction, protection from UV, and privacy. 

Deposited films.
This film is made from dispersed metal ions in a highly pressurized vacuum. Able to block up to 87% of incoming UV, these inexpensive and technologically advanced films help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while maintaining a virtually invisible appearance. These films are great insulators and do not obscure your view to the outside.

Sputtered films.
An even thinner alternative to deposited film is sputtered film which has so many variations because they're receptive to 30 different metals. Sputtered films are even stronger and retain better insulation properties than deposited films.

Hybrid films.
These films have many variants because of the different dye-to-metal ratios they come in. 

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