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The Advantages of Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are either built from wood, vinyl, or aluminum to resist strong impacts. A home with no impact windows is very vulnerable; regular windows will not be able to withstand extreme air infiltration and pressure. Once the strong winds break the windows open, the entire home is immediately at risk. The roof acts like a sail and catches the infiltrating air until the pressure is far too great for it to stay in place.

Impact-resistant windows are strong enough to resist the impact of a 9-pound 2-by-4 traveling at fifty feet per second. This strength in performance is owed to the quality of the glass, but more importantly, to the layer of strong polymer sandwiched inside the glass. This layer acts as a safety net in the case of glass breakage. At the point of impact, the polymer layer keeps the glass together and protects the room's occupants from series injuries. The added security of impact-resistant windows is that it fends off intruders. The strong interlayer is very difficult to penetrate even if the intruder manages to shatter the glass.

What Do Impact Windows Have to Do With Your Mortgage?

Thinking about getting a mortgage? The insurance premiums that are required with every down payment or interest can be reduced by adding storm windows to your home. Impact-resistant windows are seen by many lenders as a risk reduction strategy to protect the property and the loan put against it in the event of a hurricane. Double check with your window company of choice before purchase to take full advantage of the discount on mortgage insurance premiums.

Other advantages of impact-resistant windows:

Energy efficiency: Impact-Resistant windows are typically rated by Energy Star and built to insulate your home and keep it comfortable year-round. In doing so, they reduce your energy bills and pay for themselves in the long run.

Increase a home's resale value: Impact-Resistant windows can make hesitant buyers lean towards sealing the deal because of their energy-efficient qualities. 

Noise abatement: Homes that reside near airports or railways will benefit the most from the excellent soundproof qualities of impact-resistant windows.

UV-Resistance: Windows that resist hurricane impacts usually provide protection from UV rays.

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