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Marvin Windows

Since the early 20th century, Marvin began by serving their town Warroad of Minnesota, only to expand their footprint all over the U.S. with some of the most innovative windows on the market. Today, Marvin Windows add to the industry's benchmark in terms of style and performance. 

Marvin Windows have three classes of models: Marvin, Integrity, and Infinity, all of which have shared and exclusive features to replace the final ingredient missing from your home. We will list one model from each class and outline their specifications for you to find what you need.


What distinguishes the Marvin brand of windows is that they are built to order with your special requests in mind. From the hardware to the glass, from the frame to the flange, from the color to the shape, and from the material to the window's style of operation, there is nothing that can't be customized to your exact aesthetic.

One look at the artisanship put into their circular tilt & turn picture window and you will know that only care and patience could produce something so delicate. The picture windows in the image show just how beautiful your hallway, bathroom, or guest room could look. Although they are both circular, they differ in their styles of operation. The top design is an awning window whose single sash opens outward. The one in the bottom, on the other hand, is a double awning window with two operable sashes, and it has a tilt & turn feature that gives you more control over the direction of the outside air, enabling you to use the sashes as a sail and improve the air circulation in your home.


The Integrity windows from are made from Marvin's very own fiberglass composite, Ultrex. Eight times stronger than vinyl and almost four times stronger than vinyl/wood composite, Ultrex revolutionizes your window's performance and kicks reliable home insulation up to high gear with style, more color options, and durability to go with it.

The problem with most framing materials is their rate of expansion and contraction and how it coincides with that of glass. If there is a significant difference between the glass and frame material's rates of expansion and contraction, this will show in the form of cracks in the wall, poorer insulation performance, and possible discoloration and deformation. Fortunately, the rate of glass's contraction and expansion is nearly identical to that of Ultrex's, ensuring your window's longevity. 

One major best seller from the Integrity brand is the Wood-Ultrex option that allows you to choose your own combination of interior and exterior trims of wood and Ultrex. Similar to a wood-clad window, having both wood's beautiful appearance and Ultrex's strength only means that you will be keeping these gorgeous designs for years to come. 

A boost to your home's curb appeal would have to be the Wood-Ultrex bay (series of 3) or bow window (series of 4 or more). It is very much up to you which windows are used side-by-side for your bay/bow, and in what number. In any case, you will end up with more living space, more storage space, more light penetration and air circulation and, most importantly, more potential buyers. 

For more on bay & bow windows, click here.


The Infinity windows are built primarily for replacement purposes. Replacement means significantly lower man hours of installation and, thus, lower installation costs.

Our pick from Infinity would have to be their replacement casement. Characterized by easy operability and a simple, slick, and smooth design, the Infinity replacement casement provides your home with just enough air ventilation and natural light for your study room, kitchen, and other counter-top situations without obstructing your working space. 

One of the key features of this wonderful casement is the two styles of operations which enable you to open the sash from two different vertical axes, giving you easy access to the exterior and making cleaning effortless.

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