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Ply Gem Windows

Ply Gem has something for every home in any state and in any climate. Their history speaks for itself; they have been in the business of home building products for 70 years and provide homeowners with both new construction and replacement windows to suit their remodeling and home building needs.

They have five window styles to choose from: double-hung, single-hung, casement, awning, and sliding. We will pick three of their windows for our list for today and highlight their traits and qualities. 

Classic Double Hung Window

Available from Ply Gem's Pro Series is the classic double hung window. This traditional symbol of American homes we've come to love has a classic brickmould trim as well as a Colonial style grille that gives the impression of separate glass panes. What sets the Classic above the rest is that it combines the best of both worlds - modernity and timeless design - by having a traditional tasteful look along with a tilt-in feature for both sashes. The tilt-in feature is a safer adjustment for multi-storey houses as it allows you to clean the exterior side of the glass without having to do it from the outside. Adjustable and removable, the sashes can be made to look anew again with a light detergent, maintaining their appearance for many years.

Apart from the new perks is the operability of the sashes. The two-way interlocking sash locks maintain a weather tight seal while the window's internal multi-chambered construction helps control the insulation in your home.

Another notable advantage with the Classic double hung is their ability to be installed in a series, either to form a ventilating enclosure around your dining room table or to build a bay or bow window. Learn more about the advantages of bay & bow windows.

The available colors for this model are beige and white.

Premium Casement Window

Much like the Classic double hung window, the Premium casement can also be adjoined at the seams to form a side-by-side series or a bay/bow window. 

These beautiful casement windows include an ergonomic operating handle and a locking system that are soft to the touch, easy to operate, child-proof, and match the rest of the window's sleek, minimal design. Combined with your choice of grille style options, glass engravings, and interior and exterior colors, you can make your home stand out and improve its curb appeal. Of the five interior colors available, three of which emulate timber to give the interior of your home that organic touch of wood grain goodness.

Casements don't take up any living space and provide excellent air ventilation once opened. They do this by acting like a sail and drawing drafts of air towards the inside of your home. If you live in a warm area where you want to save energy on fans or air conditioners, casement windows are the way to go.

Built for optimal home insulation, all windows from the Premium Series feature a mainframe filled with R-Core (a polyurethane) as a standard. At an additional cost, you can enhance the insulation of a Premium Series window by having the sashes themselves filled with the patented R-Core.

Learn more about casement windows here.

Premium Sliding Window

A perfect example of how vinyl could be made to look like wood can be seen from the picture of a sliding window from the Premium Series. This window is a 1/4-1/2-1/4, 3-lite model. Its wide rectangular shape allows for a lot of natural light to light up your home with controlled air ventilation accessed by two 1/4 sashes on either side of the central fixed sash. 

You can choose to include a child safety vent latch with your order to ensure your baby's safety, although, a ventilation limit latch is one of the standard features of this window.

For more information on sliding windows, click here.

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