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Window World

Window World's place in the industry has made a mark and continues to do with its collection of beautiful window products and its array of custom options that homeowners can utilize for an original look. The technology invested into their window designs provide American homes with the insulation and protection they deserve. This is evident in the three window types chosen for this article, each of which is suited for different needs and tastes.

In this article:

  • Three of Window World's window types:
    • Double-hung windows.
    • Bay & bow windows.
    • Basement hopper windows.
  • Window World's colors and options:
    • Interior colors.
    • Exterior colors.
    • Grids.
    • Glass types.

Window World's Double-Hung Window

The double-hung window is made with top-of-the-line craftsmanship, flawless design, and advanced engineering. Window World's double-hung model has a tilt-in feature to make cleaning effortless, making it ideal for upper floors installation. The classic appeal of this window has made it the most popular style of windows in our homes. The double-hung product line has five variants available from Window World to suit your needs. These include 1-lite, 2-lite, 3-lite, 4-lite, and the 4-lite picture double-hung window. The more lites of glass included the more air ventilation and natural light your home will have access to.

More features and benefits from Window World's double-hung model:

  • Two operable sashes with a tilt-in mechanism.
  • Vinyl window materials ensure a maintenance free home addition that will never chip, peel, or warp.
  • Energy Star qualified.
  • The sash and frame are multi-chambered to improve thermal efficiency.
  • Joints are welded together to for lasting durability.
  • Warm-Edge spacers keep the internal window temperature consistent while allowing the glass panels to contract and expand accordingly to the climate without breaking.
  • Sloped window sill flows the water towards the outside.
  • Dual ventilation locks allow you to open the window securely for air ventilation.
  • When closed shut, the interlocking sashes form a seal to prevent air infiltration.
  • The lift rails let the sashes glide up and down smoothly and easily.
  • A limited lifetime warranty.

Bay vs Bow Windows

A brief description on the contrast:

  • Bay windows usually have a central fixed window with flankers on both sides.
  • Bay windows have three windows while bow windows have four or five.
  • Bay windows seem to look box shaped as opposed to the arc design of a bow window.

Window World's Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are an extension of your personality. They usually house unique decorative items, souvenirs, and objects of sentimental value, such as an ornamental vase, to be presented to next-door neighbours and passers-by. In this way, homes with a bay or bow window always stand out above the rest in terms of their outside appearance. On the inside, your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom will be glowing with natural light and flowing with outdoor air, giving you an unobstructed wide angle of view to the outside. This is the beauty of Window World's bay and bow windows.

Window World's bay and bow's product line have eight styles to choose from, two for bay and six for bow windows.

  • Bay windows:
    • Bay with casement flankers.
    • Bay with double-hung flankers.
  • Bow windows:
    • 3-lite bow with casement.
    • 3-lite bow with double-hung.
    • 4-lite bow with casement.
    • 4-lite bow with double-hung.
    • 5-lite bow with casement.
    • 5-lite bow with double-hung.

More features and benefits from Window World's bay & bow models:

  • No chipping, peeling, warping or cracking.
  • The interior frame, including the seat board, is covered with a layer of UV-resistant PVC that is smooth to the touch and soft on the eyes.
  • The seat board can be used for different window-and-seat combinations (i.e. a study desk with a mini bookshelf). 
  • Woodgrain patterns to choose from to match with your home.
  • Mullion bars connecting the windows together are slick and slim in appearance.
  • The exterior roofing of your bay or bow window can be finished with the matching material of your home's roof (i.e. shingles).
  • Greater light and air access without hindering the window's performance of insulation.
  • Double or triple-glazed glass options to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
  • Window World's warm-edge spacer keeps the double/triple glass panels separated at an optimal distance from one another.
  • Sash interlocks, sill joints, and jamb are all sealed to prevent any infiltration from outside air and water.

Window World's Basement Hopper Window

Basement windows are very important for a home's insulation capabilities. Properly insulated basements act like heat banks during the winter, providing warmth through out the walls in your house, and cutting down on energy bills. A basement with a consistent temperature counters the temperature swings within the home structure. Window World's hopper windows have a sharp appearance and are built with the highest quality vinyl material to help in making your home more comfortable.

More features and benefits from Window World's hopper windows:

  • The durable vinyl frame comes in two available colors: beige and white.
  • Very reliable locking system.
  • Welded sill joints for proper insulation and security.
  • The mainframe of the window has a multi-chambered design to moderate the passage of air.
  • Weatherstrip rubber seals to block infiltrating air and water.

Window World's Colors and Options

With the exception of basement hoppers and garden windows, Window World offers a wide variety of interior and exterior colors, grid patterns, and glass types to enhance and personalize the look of your home.

Interior colors: The nine interior colors comprise of seven woodgrains, beige, and white.

Exterior colors: The nine exterior colors are solid colors that can easily be repainted in the case of weather damage.

Grids: The six grid patterns are colonial, diamond, prairie, double prairie, prairie perimeter, and double prairie perimeter. 

Glass: The eight glass types are Window World's very own SolarZone™, beveled, laminated, leaded, tempered, acrylic block, obscure, and impact. Each is specialized to withstand certain natural occurrences. The SolarZone glass protects you from UV radiation without obscuring sunlight. Impact glass has been rigorously tested to withstand hurricane impacts. Obscure glass conceals view from outsiders, making it ideal for bathrooms and other rooms which require privacy.

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