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Home Depot Windows

Whether you need windows for new construction or for replacement, the Home Depot's catalogue has everything that you need from all the window types, frame materials, grid patterns, and glazing options for quality home insulation at affordable prices.

American Craftsman's Single-Hung Window

A single hung with a colonial grid sets this window apart from the rest as the one with the widest range of view to the outside (35.38 inches) and is rated by happy Home Depot customers with a near-perfect score, especially when it comes to ease of installation. Available more readily as a replacement window for brick sidings, our first pick on the list can be placed in new construction homes but its fin must first be removed for it to pop right into place. This single hung's versatility comes from the many options that can be incorporated into it. For example, if you're thinking of installing a connected series of this model, its design allows you to do so using mullion bars (also available at your local Home Depot) for a seamless overall look. 

TAFCO's Basement Slider Window

The mainframe and sashes of this window are made of vinyl which is a durable material with excellent insulation - an essential quality for basement windows. The sashes slide smoothly and interlock in the middle for a weathertight seal. The frame itself has weep holes to drain any excess water, preventing mold contamination without hindering insulation performance. The full opening of the window has a screen to protect the home from rodents and insects. This window's welded parts and heavy duty lock are offered at an excellent value for money and can either replace older windows or be used for new construction. 

JELD-WEN's Double Hung Window

This window is an ideal addition for houses with more than one storey because they make exterior cleaning of the glass super easy and safe. Both sashes are operable and both sashes tilt and turn inward to make cleaning that much more convenient. The sashes can then tilt, turn, and locked back into their regular positions. The Energy Star rating means that this window reduces heating and cooling costs. A precise and detailed multi-chamber welded frame ensures this double hung is built to insulate your home and improve comfort. It is able to do this because it uses low-emissivity (low-E) glass that is double-glazed with argon gas, making it the strongest at insulation performance window on the list. 

Available colors for this window are chestnut bronze, dark chocolate, tan, and white. 


TAFCO's Basement Awning Window

This energy-efficient window is virtually free of maintenance. Its outward opening sash allows for sufficient air ventilation while blocking the rain water from entering your basement. This awning window's small opening - with the option of opening completely - is specifically designed to keep your home secure from home intruders, insects, and rodents. 





Comparing Four Home Depot Windows

Cost $149.00 $58.98 $181.28 $110.00
Brand American Craftsman TAFCO Windows Jeld-Wen TAFCO Windows
Model No. 50 SH FIN PBS3214-I THDJW144400963 VA3218


Grid Pattern Width (in.) 0.75 N/A 0.63 N/A
Frame Depth (in.) 2.69 3 3.25 3
Window Depth (in.) 3.5 3 3.25 3
Window Height (in.) 59.25 14 35.5 18
Window Width (in.) 35.375 32 23.5 31.75


Color White White White White
Features Grid included, hardware included, low-E glass, screen included Hardware and screen included

Argon gas insulated, grid included, hardware included, integrated nail fin, low-E glass, screen Included

Frame Material Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl
Type of Glazing Double-glazed Double-glazed Double-glazed Double-glazed
Grid Pattern Colonial None Colonial None
Insect Screen Included Included Not included Not included
Type of Lock Multi-point single actuator Cam action Cam action Cam action
Number of Locks  2 1 1 1
Weight (lb.) 38.3 19 21 15
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.24 0.65 0.19 0.5
Tilt-in Cleaning Feature Yes No No No
U-Factor 0.3 0.49 0.34 0.5
Type of Window Single hung Sliding window Double hung Awning

Warranties & Performance Qualifications

Energy Star Qualified North-central, northern, south-central, and southern Not qualified North-central, northern, south-central, and southern Not qualified
Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warranty

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