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Vinyl Windows: The Pros and Cons

Vinyl is estimated to share half of all replacement windows in the United States because it offers the second best insulating performance at an affordable price. It is ideal for homeowners that want maintenance free windows with high performance in home insulation. They can be the most cost-effective choice for the right homeowner and are the easiest to install.

In this article:

  • An example of a vinyl window.
    • Milgard's Quiet Line Series.
  • The benefits of vinyl windows.
  • The drawbacks of vinyl windows.

Milgard's Quiet Line Series

Milgard is one of the top window manufacturers in the USA, providing homeowners with any window material and window type they need.

They have four product lines exclusive to vinyl and one of them is the Quiet Line Series. These windows feature sound control, matches with other Milgard vinyl windows in the home, and homeowners can enjoy a full lifetime warranty service. Even though all Milgard windows feature good noise protection from the outside, the Quiet Line Series in particular blocks noise by up to 30 percent more than windows from all other Milgard product lines. Where a standard double-glazed window can have a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 28-32, a Quiet Line window has a rating of 48.

The casement window on the left is one of the types available for the Quiet Series. This is a perfect upgrade for homes situated near busy downtown areas, airports, highways, and train stations. 



The Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Reduced energy costs: Vinyl can reduce your home energy costs by 15%. They have a low U-factor which means they insulate your home year-round; keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and lowering the need to spend needlessly on air conditioning, fans, or heaters.

Soundproof: A low U-factor also means that vinyl windows are good at treating outside air as well as noise pollution, making them ideal for homes that reside near railway stations, airports, etc.

Easy to install: Vinyl windows are prefabricated for a quick home assembly. 

Double or triple-glazed: Most vinyl windows have double or triple-glazed glass and can in this way process the outside temperature better than wood windows. 

Maintenance free: Unlike wood, the color you chose for your vinyl windows is the same on the inside and outside, this means that they won't need to be repainted at any point in the future. 

Inexpensive: Homes with a low appraised value often use vinyl window replacements to increase the appraised value at a fraction of the price of other window materials. 

Unlimited choices: Your choice of exterior colors, interior colors, finishes, grid patterns, glass types, and window types can match your personal tastes with your home. One of the finishes can even make a vinyl window look like wood.

Long lasting: Do not scratch, peel, warp, or rust. Vinyl replacements windows are UV ray resistant and can last the lifetime of the house with virtually no maintenance other than simple cleaning with water and detergent.


The Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows

Can discolor: Although it would have to be under extremely intense heat unseen in the USA, vinyl windows can discolor and would leave you no choice but to replace them or keep them as they cannot be repainted.

Cannot be repainted: If it does discolor, there is no way for it to absorb paint, and you will have to be confined with the paint you started off with.

Can be expensive: The more add-ons, upgrades, and customizations you apply to a vinyl window purchase, the pricier it is going to get.

Can be cost-ineffective: Don't expect huge returns on your vinyl window investment when it's time to sell your home, but they will enhance its look and won't disappoint in appealing to interested buyers.

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