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Wood Windows: The Pros and Cons

In this article:

  • Examples of wood windows.
    • Wood windows from Milgard.
    • Wood composite window from Andersen.
  • The advantages of wood windows.
  • The disadvantages of wood windows.

Wood can take on any window shape no matter how delicate the design is. Radius designs of windows are beloved by homeowners, but when you put a vinyl radius side by side with a wooden one, the difference in beauty will stand out with the wood radius window. 

Wood Windows from Milgard

Milgard call their product line of wood windows the Essence Series which offers multiple customization options on top of the existing quality product. Milgard's Essence Series windows are built with precise multi-chambers for excellent home insulation and water management while incorporating easy to use hardware and classic frame designs. 

An example of this is the radius casement of their Essence Series. It is characterized by a minimal approach to window design which makes it lightweight and easy to install. Soft to the touch and delicate, any homeowner would be happy to have this wonderful casement window facing their driveway.

Wood is so versatile that composite materials are often made that share its insulating attributes. A certain ratio of wood fiber to another material is combined to produce a window frame product that shares the best of the materials used.

Wood Composite Windows from Andersen

Andersen is a leading innovator of home windows and is always pushing the limits to what can and can't be done. Homeowners can benefit from long lasting, lightweight, reliable product with Andersen's composite product lines of windows. Their composite material is called Fibrex which is a mixture of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer. Manufactured as a cheaper and better-performing alternative to vinyl, Andersen's Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl, 700 times better at home insulation than aluminum, and is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. The insulating properties of wood are still maintained and the thermoplastic polymer is there to protect the wood underneath from environments with heavy moisture. 

Andersen's 100 Series is one of the product lines reserved for Fibrex windows. The 100 Series single-hung window is a gorgeous piece of engineering with one operable, and smoothly gliding sash. Contemporary, doesn't need to be painted, and energy-efficient, Andersen's 100 Series single-hung is a popular and affordable choice with homeowners.  

You'll notice that wood frames require regular maintenance but with a little bit of effort, you will not regret it. The advantages of high-performance wood frames far outweigh those of any other window material.

The Advantages of Wood Windows

Authentic look: Hands-down, wood frames are the homeowner's favorite. The organic swirl patterns in previously living timber always say something to homeowners looking for an earthy theme for their dining room, living room, etc.

Superior insulation: When compared to other window frames, wood is 400 times better than steel and 1,800 better than aluminum windows. It keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Cost-effective: Wood is typically more expensive than any other material but it pays for itself in the long run by way of lower energy bills. 

Durability: Can last the life of the house if properly taken care of.

No rust: Wood is not prone to rust like metal windows.

Structural integrity: Other frame materials expand and contract accordingly to the changing temperature, making them lose their ideal insulation performance over time. Wood maintains a perfect fit for the lifetime of the house if properly maintained.

Welcomes paint and/or other treatments: Unlike other materials, wood can be painted with any color. It actually needs to be colored. 

The greener choice: Wood is the most environmentally-friendly material and actually reduces the levels of carbon dioxide.


As beautiful as the natural wood interior is, homeowners that live in places like Myrtle Beach can struggle with the rotting exterior of their windows. Treating them with primer coating can prevent this from happening.

The Disadvantages of Wood Windows

Higher maintenance: Although it has the most points for home insulation, wood frames require upkeep and treatment from time to time for them maintain their performance.

Prone to rotting and swelling: Wood frames that aren't treated from time to time are subject to bending, rotting and swelling. Wood windows of homes that reside near the beach are especially vulnerable to moisture build-up and salt damage.

Prone to termites: If not painted or treated, termites can cause severe damage to your windows and your home's insulation.

More expensive: Wood frames are the most expensive selection for windows. Even though they can be cost-effective and great insulators, most homeowners nonetheless get wood windows purely for aesthetic appeal.

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