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Awning Windows

Hot air rises and cool air falls. Depending on your area's climate, awning windows are a good way of controlling air ventilation. Placing awning windows high up near the ceiling will create a cooler indoor atmosphere. Place them near the bottom if you want to "spill" the cool air out to maintain a higher indoor temperature.

Awning windows standard features

Awning windows hinge from the top and open outward in a discrete fashion. Where other windows require a wide range of motion and arm strength to be opened, awning windows don't need a lot of space to operate. They are limited to opening up a fraction of the way by default but can be unchained and opened fully for a lot more air ventilation.

  • Winder.
    Available in many styles and colours, the awning winder is key lockable.
  • Blocks air infiltration.
    The air tight casing surrounding the opening is air tight and withstands heavy winds.
  • Indoor temperature control.
    This is why awning windows are ideal for basements, over the front door, and in areas facing the patio or driveway.
  • Blocks rainwater infiltration even when open.
    Another key feature in awning windows is that they can be opened without allowing rain from entering.
  • Privacy.
    The angled opening of awning windows provides privacy in such a way that it reflects light to obscure view from the outside looking in.

Awning windows optional features

From the window handles, glazing options, and variety of window frame materials, to your choice of window patterns, glass types, and the number of side-by-side series, the awning window finds itself among the most contemporary looking windows on the market.

  • Window handles of different colors.
    Oil rubbed bronze, brushed chrome, antique brass, bright brass, satin nickel, and rustic bronze.
  • Stylish window handles.
    Hannover casement, provence casement, turning knobs, locking handles, and sash locks.
  • Double-glazed and triple-glazed windows.
    Combat heatwave intrusion with multi-layered glazing. If you live in a hot climate, adding more layers of glass can help insulate your home and keep it cooler. You can also choose to have the space between the glass filled with a special gas that helps to keep the heat outside of your home, providing comfort and less need to turn on the air conditioning.
  • Grid patterns.
    Available are colonial, diamond, prairie, perimeter, and double perimeter grid patterns that make your windows match more of your home's living space. A kitchen with a lot of straight lines and corners might need that perimeter or double perimeter window pattern. A victorian living room's touch might be missing those beautiful diamond patterns to make its appearance more animated and elegant.
  • Very transparent insect & fly screens.
    These screens can either be fixed or incorporate a hinge option with a separate handle.
  • Awning windows series.
    Enhance light penetration, air ventilation, and the exterior look of your home with a consistent side-by-side series that maintains a neat appearance.

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