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Casement Windows

If you need windows designed for optimal air ventilation and wide views to the outside world then casement windows are what you're looking for. Although they are not very friendly towards fixed air conditioning units, you might need them given what casement windows have to offer a home.

The key features of casement windows

  • Casement windows allow for the best air ventilation because they open up the entire master frame. Let's see how other windows match up:
    • Sliding windows - Even when two or three parts of a 3-lite sliding window are opened, they still occupy a part of the space and block some of the air from passing through.
    • Single/double-hung windows - Like sliding windows, the entire window frame is not being used to let the air in.
  • The unobstructed view to the outside makes these windows ideal for beach houses, vacation houses, rural homes, and other houses surrounded by nature.
  • Locking system for added security.
  • Casement windows catch outside air - They are the best at funneling breezes into a home because they have a wide reach to the outside. During days of light breezes the open sashes of a casement window will catch the air passing by your house and direct it inside.
  • With the many choices of window frame materials, casement windows can be weatherproof, air tight, and great insulators. The grill patterns that separate the glass into different shapes provide support against strong winds.

Custom options and add-ons for individual homes

  • Can come in a series - As you can see from the picture, a side-by-side series of casement windows allows for optimal air circulation, light penetration, and a wider view.
  • Your own unique combination of design elements - These include grid patterns, sizes, colors, window materials and window variations.
    • Grid patterns on a window add more personality to a living space in your home. A casement window with a prairie pattern can go perfectly with your freestanding bathtub. There are many patterns to choose from like a perimeter, or a double perimeter, which could be the missing ingredient from your kitchen.
    • The most popular casement window materials are steel, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. 
    • French, flat top, and pushout variations of casement window differ in their appearance and their use. French casement windows have a more elegant appearance, but if you're looking for something that could take more of a beating then a pushout window does the job.
  • Insect or fly screens. With levels of transparency to choose from, the mesh screen can be opened and closed with a separate handle or it could be suspended from the top and pulled down with a hook to keep it in place.
  • Double or triple-glazing options. The more layers of glass you apply to a window, the more heat-resistant it will be without compromising the amount of light able to penetrate.

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