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Single-Hung Windows: Features and Specifications

Single-hung windows feature two vertically consecutive sashes in which the bottom sash can slide up and down while the upper one remains fixed. These beautiful home additions comprise of many standard features as well as custom options that give your home a unique personality. 

Specifications and features

  • Other than sliding up and down, the lower sash tilts inward using a stainless steel pivot point to make cleaning effortless.
  • Energy Star rated glass, airtight weather stripping, and window design.
  • Double and triple glazing options.
  • Strong and durable materials used in the exterior and interior frames.
  • Many glass finishes and colours to choose from.
  • Many grille options to separate the glass with many patterns for further customization.

The lower sash

The lower sash of the window runs up and down smoothly and quietly with the help of constant-force balancers that move along dual interlocking rails. The rail itself is lockable to control the height of the lower sash and air ventilation. As an added bonus, modern single-hung windows feature an inward tilting lower sash suspended from a stainless steel pivot point to make cleaning easy.

Glass finishes

Whether your concern is privacy, clear visual access to the outside world, or subtle beauty in glass design, the many choices of glass finishes ensure that there's something for everyone. Glass finishes differ in their colour and texture. You can choose to have a smooth finish of a certain clarity and colour, or of an accented texture and image, or a combination of textures and colours to match your tastes and needs. Having a single-hung window with a rough accented glass finish in your bathroom will give you the privacy you need. A dining room with a bronze-coloured theme, on the other hand, can be a perfect match to a series of single-hung windows with a bronze glass finish.

Exterior options

The outside of your home is the first thing that your neighbours see, so why not show it off and make a good first impression? The exterior options for single-hung windows make for a lasting impression as well as provide the proper support to help in keeping your windows strong, stable, and air and water tight. Let's make a quick scan of your exterior options and see if anything stands out for you:

  • Brickmould is ideal in a couple of situations. The first is an already constructed home built with brick siding, and the second is the brickmould being integrated into the siding during the home construction phase. Brickmould from a certified contractor is made up completely of virgin vinyl and is very easy to mould into any shape, enabling it to have a perfect fit for your windows. It is more appealing against brick construction because it emulates it very closely. 
  • Nailing fins go perfectly well with vinyl and aluminum windows. They are also very convenient in terms of window installation and removal. Apart from providing more window strength and stability, nailing fins are friendly towards siding home renovations because they can be unbolted and removed. 
  • Couplers (C couplers) are used when joining two windows together to give added overall strength and the impression that the particular window group came as a whole. They are often used to build a bay or bow window that comprises of a series of single-hung windows. Apart from visual neatness, couplers give added support to bay/bow windows that otherwise could cause damage to the walls from their protruding (poking out) design.


Grille patterns make your home more animated and allow you to complete a theme in certain rooms. Combining a diamond grille pattern, for example, with a Silvet glass finish of a yellow hue can give your dining room the extra punch it needs. Grilles can give your single-hung windows the illusion that that they are holding separate glass parts together. They can take on a variety of patterns, depths, colours, and sizes of your choice.

Bay or bow window combinations

If you plan to expand your living space (i.e. your kitchen) with a bay or bow window, single-hung windows are a perfect candidate as they provide just the right amount of air ventilation and allow for a seat combination. Most bay or bow windows feature two single-hung windows, one on either side from the centre.

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